Let's clear up a common assumption. Raleigh was born in Kansas City. But in the state of Missouri. But then she lived in Kansas. Make sense? Ok, great. Moving on. 

If you've ventured through the website before coming here, you can see that Raleigh acts, writes, performs sketch comedy, directs, and sometimes sings in LA. If this is your first stop, now you know. Raleigh acted with Miles Teller and Taylor Kitsch in the recent Black Label Media film, ONLY THE BRAVE. She has leading roles in a Lifetime movie and James Franco produced feature both airing this summer. Some of Raleigh's TV credits include a guest-star role on THE NIGHT SHIFT, recurring roles on LONGMIRE and MANHATTAN, and GUNSLINGERS. She has a leading role in the film, THE RIVER THIEF, currently on Netflix.

Raleigh trained with James Caan last spring and the stories alone were gold. She took a filmmaking class with James Franco and wrote for his web series, Making a Scene with James Franco. In the past, she studied with Lesly Kahn, and now she trains at Diana Castle's Imagined Life Studios.

To balance out the dramatic acting, Raleigh also writes and performs for her sketch team Jeff! at the ACME Theater in Hollywood. Recent characters she's written and performed include a redneck mermaid and a girl that likes ice cold Coors Light tampons. Classy stuff. 

Raleigh's film goals are to put her horseback riding skills to use and star in a Western with Jeff Bridges. Until then, check out her sketch comedy shows and stay tuned for more exciting projects! Oh, and she's trying to qualify for the Boston marathon, so any pointers are appreciated.