Let's clear up a common assumption. Raleigh was born in Kansas City. But in the state of Missouri. But then she lived in Kansas. Make sense? Ok, great.

Raleigh acts, writes, performs sketch comedy, directs, and sometimes sings in LA. This summer she played Nick Robinson’s sister in the true story of Ross Ulbricht, creator of SILK ROAD. You can see her in the NETFLIX ORIGINAL, WALK. RIDE. RODE as Emmy Lancaster and in SHAMELESS playing real estate agent, Michelle Hill. Her short film, HEIRLOOM, co-written with Paul Hauser is currently making the festival rounds and will premiere at HOLLYSHORTS and THE CATALINA FILM FESTIVAL. Past acting highlights include working with Miles Teller and Taylor Kitsch in, ONLY THE BRAVE, leading roles in a Lifetime movie and James Franco produced feature, a guest-star role on THE NIGHT SHIFT, recurring roles on LONGMIRE and MANHATTAN, and GUNSLINGERS.

Raleigh's film goals are to put her horseback riding skills to use and star in a Western with Jeff Bridges. Until then, check out her sketch comedy shows and stay tuned for more exciting projects! Oh, and she just qualified for the Boston marathon! So if you’re passing through that city on April 20, cheer her on and get that girl a beer :)